In the Ural customs administration held a meeting of the Board

The head of the Federal customs service Vladimir Bulavin, Plenipotentiary representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal district Nikolai Tsukanov participated in the expanded Board of the Ural customs office where discussed the results of work in 2019.

Over 4,5 thousand participants of foreign economic activity issued 208 thousand consignments. The total amount of customs duties and taxes exceeded 76 billion. Export orientation of foreign economic activity in the Urals not only preserved but significantly increased the weight of the volume of export is more than 15 times larger than the volume of imports. In value terms the volume of external trade has decreased slightly (by 0.3%).

“The task of customs authorities is to create a comfortable environment for doing business. Constructive dialogue and effective cooperation with the participants of foreign economic activity – the success of the implementation of the reform of customs administration”, – said Vladimir Bulavin during the meeting.

The main focus of the work of the Ural customs officers in 2019 done on improving the efficiency of customs control. So just on adjustments of customs value of goods in the Federal budget could further recover almost 700 million rubles. The control of correctness of classification of goods and origin of goods added to the Treasury of the country with 78 and 58 million, respectively.

“The introduction of modern methods of customs control, on the one hand, reduces administrative barriers to the Ural enterprises-exporters and importers, on the other – significantly helps customs authorities to implement their fiscal, administrative and law enforcement functions,” – said the Plenipotentiary representative Nikolay Tsukanov.

The head of Ural customs Igor Piskunov noted the increased number of criminal cases economic orientation. The amount of evasion from payment of customs duties in criminal cases exceeded the values for 2018 by 1.5 times and amounted to 125 million rubles. Identified nearly 1,500 violations of currency legislation in the amount of 9.8 billion rubles. Also 35% increase in the number of cases of smuggling-forming compositions, of which two-thirds are initiated, established a year ago Ural electronic customs.

Deputy head of Ural customs administration Mikhail Ponomarev noted the performance of customs control after release of goods. At the end of each of the 405 checks accrued almost 10 million rubles. The performance of interaction with the tax authorities expressed in lousisana 91 million and 170 assessed. Reinforced in the past year, the mobile group showed high efficiency: 191 tons of “sanctions” products, 395 thousand units of counterfeit products, 360 bisecting thousand packs of cigarettes.

The main vectors of development for the next year the head of Ural customs administration Maxim Chmura identified improving the efficiency of customs control and the automation level of decision-making for customs operations.

Department of public relations UTU