Vyborg customs: the results for 2019, and the objectives for 2020 set

Vyborg customs has held an extended meeting on summarizing operational activities in 2019 and set goals for the year 2020.

The event was attended by the Deputy head of the Northwest customs office – the chief of service of Federal customs revenues Evgeny Kushnarenko, Leningrad-the Finnish transport public Prosecutor Alexander Hanifin, chief of Service in the city of Vyborg Border guard Department of FSB of Russia across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Andrey Samorukov, Deputy division chief in the city of Vyborg FSB of Russia across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Pavel Salenko, the head of the municipality “Vyborg district” of Leningrad region Dmitry Nikulin, Deputy head of Administration of municipality “Vyborg district” of Leningrad Leonid Ponomarev, the management and officials of the customs authority.

In his report to the head of the Vyborg customs Alexander Yastrebov noted that the activities of customs in the reporting period was focused on the execution of the target task in the transfer of funds to the Federal budget, improving the quality of customs administration, reduction of time of customs operations, extending the introduction of digital technology.

– The reporting period was rich and dynamic. Customs proceedings took place in the conditions of implementation of the Comprehensive program of development of the FCS of Russia until 2020 and the action plan to reform the customs authorities, in accordance with which already this year, customs “Vyborg” will be the customs actual control, – said Alexander Shokhin.

Vyborg customs continues to work on systematic improvement of quality of customs administration. This work is directly connected with automation of customs procedures and the introduction of digital technologies. In all customs offices is actively implementing the technology of automatic registration of customs declarations and automatic release of goods. In the region of activity of customs implemented various projects and experiments that optimize customs operations in respect of goods and vehicles transported across the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union.

Owing to the system fulfilled most of the indicators of effectiveness and efficiency. The tasks of the 2019 custom made.

In his speech Alexander Yastrebov noted the willingness of customs to the increase in passenger traffic of athletes and visitors during one of the key events in Russia this year – the European Championship on football-2020:

– As during the FIFA-2018, customs “Vyborg” ready to provide prompt customs operations and conduct customs control in relation to cross-border participants and guests of EURO 2020.

Learn more about the economic aspects, the results of the implementation of customs control on the outcome of law enforcement reported in its reports to the Deputy chief of customs.

In 2019, the Federal budget lists 23 billion 385 million rubles (in 2018 to 25 billion 555 million rubles, in 2017 – 20 billion 817 million). The scheduled task is executed for 101,6%.

In the reporting period, foreign trade turnover in the region of Vyborg customs exceeded 1,832 million U.S. dollars. Trading operations carried out with partners from 129 countries. The main counterpart countries were Finland, China, Germany, Sweden.

Foreign economic activity was carried out by 720 participants of foreign trade activities, feature 35 876 customs declarations.

For the year through the customs posts of the Vyborg customs proceeded:

– 2 738 536 cars;

– 360 786 trucks;

– 43 957 buses;

– 7 002 469 individuals.

Considering the frontier status of the Vyborg customs, for 2019 the management of customs and customs posts to pay close attention to improving the efficiency of customs control in the trade and non-trade turnover.

In 2019, actively worked to curb the movement of commercial consignments of goods imported by individuals under the guise of goods for personal use. Identified 2 781 administrative offense (AP), committed individuals. Initiated 567 cases of AP in relation to individuals engaged in the importation of commercial consignments of goods under the guise of goods for personal use.

The decision on rejection of goods for personal use was made in respect of such products as smartphones and electronic equipment, expensive watch brands, military goods, beauty products and food products (meat and dairy products, fish), clothing, footwear, tobacco and tobacco products, household chemicals.

In order to meet the challenges of combating smuggling “sanctions” of goods by officials of customs posts in the reporting period confiscated 114 commercial batches of finished dairy and meat products with a total weight of 4.5 tons. Destroyed 121 party goods seized from individuals and accepted by goods for personal use total gross weight of 4.6 tons.

The positive performance achieved in the direction of law enforcement. For the 12 months 2019 filed:

– 4 235 cases of AP;

– 39 criminal cases.

Withdrawn from illegal circulation 1394,96 grams of narcotic, potent, psychotropic substances and their precursors.

During the reporting period levied administrative fines totaling more than 42 million rubles 2148 decisions on Affairs about AP.

Concluding the meeting, the head of the Vyborg customs thanked the staff for their conscientious work and noted that activities of officials of customs in 2019 showed their organization, professional preparedness, ability to solve tasks.

The outcome of the 2019 ten officials of the Vyborg customs presented departmental awards for achieved high results in the work to protect the economic interests of the Russian Federation.


Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs