Denis Tereshchenko took part in the final Board of the Privolzhsky customs Directorate

Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Denis Tereshchenko 7 Feb 2020 participated in summarizing the work of the Volga customs administration in 2019, and setting targets for 2020.

Privolzhsky customs Directorate in the Federal budget in 2019, lists more than 142.5 billion RUB (13.8% higher than in 2018). Produced over 370 thousand declarations (2% higher than in 2018).

An important direction in work of development of technology of auto-enrollment and autopause returns. Share automatic registration for export goods increased from 87.9% in January to 92.8 per cent in December 2019; the import – from 34.3% to 74.1%. Share issued in automatic mode export declarations of the total number of automatically registered export declarations submitted by the traders low-risk, increased from 66.1% in January to 88.2% in December 2019. A similar share in the import has increased from 39,1% to 66.1%.

“In 2020, the customs authorities of the Volga customs administration will be part of the pilot zone to test new software tools that will be used for customs Declaration of goods”, – said in his speech, Denis Tereshchenko. – “Special attention will also be paid to the work of the mobile groups.”

In 2019 as a result of work of mobile groups in vocational schools identified more than 2.3 thousand vehicles with violations (2.1 times more than in 2018); just tested more than 12 thousand of vehicles of international transportation (by 73.8 per cent higher than in 2018).

The chief of the Volga customs management Aasim Askarov noted that the priority directions of activities of customs bodies of Privolzhsky region in the medium term will be the digitalization and automation of processes, ensuring transparency of customs operations and customs control, improving the effectiveness of customs operations, improvement of business environment.

Aasim Ushkalov: “In 2020 will continue to work on concentration Declaration of the array in the Volga Cade e-customs. We also intend to expand the use of algorithms for auto-enrollment and autopause products, reduce the time of customs operations and customs control in compliance with the requirements of the customs legislation”.

Summing up of the Board, Denis Tereshchenko on behalf of the leadership of the Federal customs service thanked the staff of the Volga customs management done in 2019 work. However, he noted that in the coming years remains to be done to solve major problems for the further improvement of customs administration: “Customs must be intelligent, fast, customizable, information associated with internal and external partners, effective for the state and invisible to the business. And our common task is to make it so”.

The event was also attended by Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in Volga Federal district Igor Panshin, Deputy of the Volga transport Prosecutor Vadim Kolosov.