Attention carriers!

Attention carriers!

Significantly changed access control in automobile checkpoints on the Russian-Chinese border. The Chinese side has restricted the passage of vehicles in connection with the ongoing China quarantine actions against each vehicle.

As explained by the head of Department of organization of functioning of border checkpoints and the interaction with the control authorities of the far Eastern customs administration Irina Avdeeva, the Chinese side conceded from Russian territory not more than two vehicles per hour, which was the cause of the appearance of the queue in front of the checkpoints.

May 13, 2020 through the checkpoint Border in China went 10 vehicles, using DAPP Poltavka – 33, checkpoint Kraskino -21, MAPP Zabaikalsk – 27. At the same time wanting to travel to China many times more. So, in line in front of MAPP Edge 187 are heavy, the DAPP Poltavka – 173 car.

The Russian customs officers are at the workplace, ready to carry out customs control in the normal mode.


Information about length of queues and the number of motor vehicles are published daily on the official website DVTU in the section “Operation of checkpoints”, subsection:”the Situation in the automobile checkpoints of the far East region”.

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