Till 7 years threatens Russian imports from China drugs for weight loss

Till 7 years threatens Russian imports from China drugs for weight loss

Chita customs has opened a criminal case against the camper imported from China capsules with a potent substance. 81 capsule dangerous drug officers have discovered at the checkpoint MAPP Zabaikalsk before the introduction of quarantine regime and sent for examination.

It was found that the capsules contain potent substance sibutramine, which prohibited importation and trafficking in Russia. Total weight sibutramine was 33.21 grams.

On this fact the Chita customs in relation to the citizen of Russia opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 of the Russian criminal code (Smuggling of potent, poisonous, toxic substances). The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from three till seven years with the penalty to one million roubles.


Sibutramine – a potent substance that is prohibited for distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation. This substance is a strong stimulant of the Central nervous system.

Drugs for weight correction, China’s production often contain a potent substance sibutramine. After use of these drugs experience side effects: insomnia, headache, anxiety (anxiety), change in taste, slow reactions. Also these drugs affect the cardiovascular and digestive systems, and addictive.


Marina Boiko, press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12