Tyumen customs detained a large shipment of medical remedies

Illegal export of 745 000 Shoe covers prevented the Tyumen customs officers together with employees of the border service. Vehicle carrying 2 tons are prohibited to be exported medical supplies was flying from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan).

According to the results of customs control, criminal proceedings concerning an administrative offense under article 16.3 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation, the goods seized.

Currently, the court decided on the confiscation of the total volume of goods and the transfer of the operational headquarters for the prevention of novel coronavirus infection in the territory of the Kurgan region.

Recall that Tyumen customs operational staff transferred to the withdrawn consignment of medical supplies: gloves of more than 46 thousand units, as well as, antiseptic disinfectants weighing about a ton and a half.


In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 02 March 2020 № 223 “ON INTRODUCTION of TEMPORARY BAN ON the EXPORT of certain PRODUCTS FROM the RUSSIAN FEDERATION” from March 02, 2020 introduced a temporary ban on the export from the territory of the Russian Federation, including on the territory of member countries of the Eurasian economic Union of medical products, with the exception of international humanitarian assistance to foreign countries, and export by individuals for personal use materials and items one time use pertaining to this product.

In the list of products includes medical materials, such as respirators, protective goggles, medical masks, medical protective suits, Shoe covers and other personal protective equipment.

The attention of participants of foreign trade activities, this prohibition applies to products that are released for export prior to the entry into force of the Decision, but the actual export of which is not carried out prior to introduction of the restrictions.

  Press team of the Tyumen customs