The Russian-Abkhaz border: growth of traffic flow

The Russian-Abkhaz border: growth of traffic flow

The Sochi customs officers have issued more than 50 thousand vehicles.

At the customs post MAPP Adler Sochi customs continued growth in cargo and passenger traffic. Since the opening of the border with the Republic of Abkhazia (from 1 to 10 August 2020) customs controls carried out in respect of the order of 50 thousand vehicles, including more than 45 thousand cars, trucks 1700, 1600 buses passing in both directions. During this period the Russian-Abkhaz border was crossed by about 230 thousand individuals. over the past weekend the border was crossed about 80 thousand individuals and 15 thousand units of transport in both directions.

In connection with the increase in the flow of vehicles and tourists, the Sochi customs officers work in the strengthened mode. In both sides there are 23 lanes, including the reserve strip, open to increase throughput of the checkpoint. The freight lines control the use of reverse movement. The staffing of the post is extended through the secondment of officials from other border checkpoint.

The load at the customs post MAPP Adler exceed the capacity several times. A day crosses the border up to 7 thousand vehicles, up to 40 thousand individuals.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs