The number of people crossed the border crossing point Zabaikalsk checkpoint in 2019, slightly decreased

For 2019 through the border crossing point Zabaikalsk checkpoint and proceeded about 1.7 million citizens of Russia and China in both directions. Compared to the 2018 year their number decreased by 11 thousand people.

 Employees of the customs post has issued more than 195 thousand vehicles. Of these, more than 126 thousand passenger vehicles, 50 thousand buses, 77 thousand cars.

Freight direction in 2019 were issued more than 68 million vehicles in 2018, – 70 thousand vehicles.

The turnover of goods through the customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk in 2019 amounted to: for export – 444, 69 thousand tons, import – 558, 43 thousand tons.

Compared to the year 2018, the number of exports increased by 47.92 thousand tons (in 2018 396, 77 thousand tons), the quantity of imports decreased by 22.84 tons (in 2018 581, 27 thousand tons).

The main exports are in the region of the customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk – lumber, confectionery.

Major imported products: fruits and vegetables, plastics, equipment, ferrous metal products, consumer goods.

Not always citizens crossing the border at the checkpoint “Zabaikalsk” law-abiding. So 2019 employees of the customs post has opened 3005 cases of administrative offences, which is 740 more than in 2018.

The main goods transported through MAPP Zabaikalsk violations of customs regulations is consumer goods, toys, cell phones and accessories, car parts, special technical means intended for secret information, cigarettes.

In 2019 in the region of MAPP Zabaikalsk was initiated 12 criminal cases against Russian citizens. 10 cases were initiated under article 226.1 (move name), 1 a criminal case also under article 226.1 smuggling of biological resources (sea cucumber), 1 case for n. In part 2 of article 229 (moving drugs).

Employees of the customs office for the import and export of goods through the checkpoint MAPP Zabaikalsk control of the legality of using famous brands and brands. More than 3.6 thousand units of counterfeit products were detected at the checkpoint checkpoint “Zabaikalsk” in 2019. Customs initiated 111 cases on administrative offences under article 14.10 of the administrative code “Illegal use of trademark”.

Main list of counterfeit goods transported to Russia from China – clothing, shoes, bags, cell phones, perfume and cosmetic products.

Marina Boyko,

press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12