Buryat customs notes the decline of timber exports in 2019

Buryat customs notes the decline of timber exports in 2019

In 2019 in the region of the Buryat customs, the total volume exported overseas forest decreased by 33% compared to last year. There is also a decrease in the number of entrepreneurs exporting Les from 89 to 75.

Only in 2019 in the Buryat customs declared of 1.32 million cubic meters of timber. The volume of exported unprocessed timber in comparison with 2018 has decreased 45%, processed timber – by 32%. Roundwood in 2019, it exported just over 67 thousand cubic meters. Customs duties upon export of roundwood accounted for 88.79 per million roubles in comparison with 2018 has decreased by 33 million rubles.

On the facts of non-compliance related to the export of timber, Buryat customs for 2019 opened 343 cases of administrative offenses for which fines are assigned more than 50 million rubles. The most common offense is the design for export gubbrockarna timber under the guise processed. Thus, unscrupulous traders are trying to leave from payment of export customs duties, as processed wood are not subject to customs duty.

There is a high percentage of criminal cases related to illegal export of timber. Just 2019, the Buryat customs has opened 20 criminal cases, 11 of which are violations of legislation in export of timber. Six criminal cases of the Buryat customs has opened on the facts of non-refoulement of foreign exchange earnings for the forest, delivered in China, the total amount of outstanding revenue amounted to more than 116,4 million roubles. Five criminal cases have been opened for the smuggling of 5.8 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber by 39.8 million.

Evgeny Kurbatov

press Secretary of the Buryat customs

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