More than 200 international parcels issued the Khabarovsk customs in the 1st quarter of 2020

More than 200 international mailings arrived to the address of physical persons for personal use, have issued the Khabarovsk customs in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Of them with payment of customs duties feature 121 international mail. The amount of customs duties paid by individuals amounted to more than 250 thousand rubles. In 2019 the Khabarovsk customs has issued 150 parcels amounting to more than 480 thousand rubles.

The range of goods sent by parcels varied. A significant part of computer equipment and technical devices, clothing, footwear, auto parts, various cosmetics and smartphones.

The parcel was delivered to Russia mainly from Japan, Italy, Germany, USA, Thailand, South Korea, and China.



The procedure for movement by individuals of goods for personal use through the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union, including in terms of movement of goods in international mail, is regulated by Decision of the Board Eurasian economic Commission of 20.12.2017 No. 107 “On certain issues related to goods for personal use”.

From 1 January 2020, the value of a parcel shall not exceed the amount equivalent to 200 Euro and (or) gross weight of international mail must not exceed 31 kg.

In case of exceeding the duty-free provisions of the importation and payment of customs payments shall be calculated at the rate of 15% of the cost, but not less than 2 euros per 1 kg of weight regarding excess of cost and (or) weight norm.

Elena Popova,

the press service of the Khabarovsk customs,

t. (42 12) 411 438