Graduates Magadan “evening” of the school met with the customs service

Magadan customs officers conducted a session on the theme “defending the interests of the Fatherland” with students grades 10-11 Open (replaceable) comprehensive schools of Magadan. The meeting was held at the initiative of the Magadan regional youthful library.

High school students introduced with the main directions of activities of customs officers at the border, the children learned the customs control, which violations were most often identified, what are the items prohibited for transfer through the customs border, and how the detection of such goods, including with use of technology. In addition, the guys talked about how found narcotic and potent drugs, the responsibility provided by the legislation for drug smuggling.

Great interest was aroused by the guys working dog handlers. Training for dogs is the game. The canine need to identify a favorite toy of your pet, which will serve as a promotion and the main subject of training said the dog handler Dmitry Zelenko. Pet eventually realize that running the command, he gets a favorite toy. The same principle is based the training of dogs to search for illegal drugs.

The students learned about working dogs, their training, saw imitators of drugs that are used in the process of training met Greta, the English Springer Spaniel. How Greta obediently executed commands of the handler and how skillfully found a hidden bookmark with simulators, could not leave indifferent neither children, nor teachers.

The conversation turned lively and interesting. Students didn’t let the customs officers asking a variety of questions – about the nature of service, interesting detentions at the border and how to become a customs officer.

Elena Chotowa,

press Secretary of the Magadan customs

phone 8 (4132) 699 278