More than 1 million individuals was prepared by the employees of Blagoveshchensk customs in 2019

For 2019 , the customs officers on entry and exit issued 1.1 million individuals. the Passenger traffic in the region of Blagoveshchensk customs increased by 11% (997 thousand in 2018).

The Blagoveshchensk customs office issued – 983 thousands of individuals. At the customs post of the Airport of Blagoveshchensk decorated 79 thousand people, the Yakut customs duty – 30 thousand people, Perkowska customs post 13 thousand citizens.

With the growth of passenger traffic increased slightly the number of documented administrative offences. 1189 Affairs about administrative offences the Blagoveshchensk customs has opened in 2019 is on 72 cases more than in 2018. Statistics of criminal cases remained at the same level. For 2019, the Blagoveshchensk customs has revealed 16 facts of crimes, the same number of criminal cases, as in 2018.

According to the Deputy chief of the Blagoveshchensk customs Valery Tikhonov in 2019 subjects of the crime were raw gold, currency, digital technology (smartphones and laptops), narcotic drugs and potent substances.

The main physical evidence seized in cases of administrative offences in 2019, was alcohol, jewelry, cell phones, watches, cosmetics, clothes and shoes.

The total amount collected from administrative fines to individuals amounted to 997 thousand rubles, the value of seized goods amounted to 6.6 million rubles.


Drachev Ivan,

a press-the Secretary of the Blagoveshchensk customs,

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