Employees of southern operative customs foiled a channel for smuggling drugs from USA

Employees of southern operative customs foiled a channel for smuggling drugs from the USA

Employees of Department on struggle against contraband of drugs of WOT with the use of special rapid response unit of GOT together with representatives of the Department for control over drug trafficking of the Department of transport of the MIA of Russia for the southern Federal district have stopped activity of group of persons on the importation into the territory of the Krasnodar region of drugs using the courier service of international mail from the USA.

19 March 2020 during carrying out quickly-search actions in Timashevsky area of Krasnodar territory with the receipt of two parcels from the courier was detained 26-the summer local resident, filed as document identity, fake driver’s license. The contents of two packages that arrived the international message, according to expert opinion, is cannabis oil, weighing more than 400 grams, that is a large size for this type of drug.

It is established that in February 2020, the detainee received a message with an offer of additional earnings. In the course of correspondence with an unidentified person, a young man received a link to the app of instant messaging on the Internet, through which he received instructions. For each received parcel and further dissemination of its content in the form of “bookmarks,” the young man was promised a reward. To order goods detainee used the documents to another name, which he also received through a transport company before.

The Department of inquiry of southern operative customs criminal case under part 3 of the article 229.1 of the criminal code (smuggling of narcotic drugs). Also, the Department of inquiry of southern operative customs against the defendant in a criminal case was material inspection on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 327 of the criminal code (forgery, fabrication or counterfeiting documents), which is aimed to the investigation on of UT MVD of Russia in the southern Federal district for further action. Concerning the suspect the measure of restraint in form of detention.