Almost 10% increase in foreign trade turnover in Kamchatka for the first five months 2020

Nearly 480 million US dollars constituted foreign trade turnover in the region of the Kamchatka customs in January-may 2020. Compared to the same period in 2019, the cost of turnover increased by 9%. The turnover increased by 20% and amounted to 332 thousand tons.

The import increased by 78.7 per cent and amounted to 109 million dollars. In exports there was a slight decline of 2% and amounted to 371 million dollars.

In the import structure is dominated by commodities: machine, equipment, floating equipment (42% of the value), fuel, mineral oils and products of their distillation (29%); metals and products made of them (8.2 per cent), rope and rope products (6.4 percent), plastics and articles thereof (4%), i.e. products for the fishing industry of the Kamchatka region.

96% of the exported goods have traditionally occupied the frozen fish and seafood. Also from Kamchatka export of Nickel concentrate (2%) and ferrous metals (0.4 percent).

Foreign economic activity was carried out with 44 countries. Leading trading partners were: people’s Republic of China (44.7% of the value of trade), Republic of Korea (31.7 per cent), Hong Kong (6.6 per cent), Japan (4,9%), Norway (2.4 percent), Germany (2%), virgin Islands (1.3 percent), Denmark (1.3 per cent). These countries account for almost 95% of the value of turnover.

In January-may 2020 Kamchatka customs officers have issued 276 ships, which is 2.6% more than last year (269 ship).

In 2020, significantly decreased the number of aircraft 34.5% (150 ships) and individuals by 62.8% (14 thousand people).

As explained by the acting chief of the Kamchatka customs Paul Mandrikov, the decline in these figures is due to the cancellation of international Charter flights in connection with the take in region by measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

Tatiana Lesina

press Secretary of the KamchatkaJJ customs,

phone: 8 (4152)218-919