Weapons, drugs, resources, and forged documents were examined by the customs experts of Novosibirsk in 2019

In 2019, more than 65% of the customs examinations conducted by the forensic service – a branch of the Central forensic customs administration of the FCS of Russia, Novosibirsk (the FORMER branch of CACTU Novosibirsk), revealed violations of the customs legislation.

In 2019 FORMER branch CACTU Novosibirsk done 6433 expert research, of them in the interests of the customs authorities service performed 6332 expertise and research. Among them, 2342 customs examination, 3639 examinations on Affairs about administrative offences, 56 examinations in criminal cases and 211 of the conclusions of the specialist studies conducted during operatively-search actions. The total number of the investigated objects, samples and specimens of goods in service in 2019 amounted to more than 96 thousand.

In 2019, on the service performed forensic 773 customs examination, the results of which applied prohibitions on the import of bladed weapons, means of secret obtaining of information revealed forged documents, – said the head of the FORMER branch of CACTU Novosibirsk Inna Apostolova. – Us made 199 of the customs examinations for banned substances, in 69 cases, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, potent substances. In studies conducted in the course of operational search actions only in the expert research unit in Omsk found 3 kg of drugs. Experts of Novosibirsk in the course of operational-search actions, and also in the study of international mail are identified 2.5 kg of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors and potent substances.

On the appeals of law enforcement and other government agencies conducted 101 examination 51 examination of criminal cases instituted by customs bodies and transferred to other law enforcement agencies for further investigation. So who conducted the examination in respect of strategically important goods – timber and timber products (collected fines of more than 11 million 427 thousand rubles confiscated goods 146 million 50 thousand rubles, salmon caviar, derivatives, jade (estimated at 4 million 171 thousand rubles), amber (priced at 1 million 834 thousand rubles), fur skins (mink, raccoon), and examination of intellectual property objects (more than 40 examinations).

Law enforcement result amounted to 1209 cases of administrative offences 18 criminal cases on the results of completed in 2019 customs examinations. In addition, adopted 15 decisions to refuse the release of goods into the territory of Russia for reasons of non-compliance with the established prohibitions and limitations of public danger of the imported goods.

Identified inconsistencies between the stated information about the region of origin. So, the stated country of origin of the apples (20000 kg), in accordance with the accompanying documents, was the Republic of Kazakhstan. The results of palynological studies it was found that country of origin does not match the declared. Set the region of origin is Europe.

Direct economic effect from the activities of the forensic service in 2019 (accrued to the Federal budget by results of the examinations of customs duties, taxes etc.) amounted to 500 million 23 thousand roubles, including according to the results of the application of customs examinations in 2019, the budget was additionally accrued 152 million 195 thousand roubles.

The FORMER branch of CACTU Novosibirsk is a modern expert division with an experienced team of employees, including chemists, criminologists, merchandisers, technical specialists.

The region of the FORMER branch of CACTU Novosibirsk is the entire Siberian Federal district, the territory of the Republic of Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai. The service has a regional expert research divisions and offices in the cities of Irkutsk, Barnaul, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Chita and urban-type settlements of Zabaikalsk and Nauska.

The service is aimed at identifying false Declaration, false documents, identification, and determination of cost of various goods and vehicles, preventing illegal penetration into the territory of the Russian Federation of weapons, narcotic or poisonous substances, cultural values, counterfeit goods.

In the service are identification, forensic, merchandising and other expertise of different products. A special focus of the service is the implementation of the technological expertise of processing of raw materials of the aluminum industry and raw materials containing precious metals, examinations identification and characterization of coal products.

The FORMER branch of CACTU Novosibirsk is equipped with modern technical means of control, difficult chemical-analytical, x-ray, forensic, microscopic equipment and instruments of domestic and foreign production, allowing you to quickly and reliably produce the necessary research. Services experts use techniques gas and liquid chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, x-ray fluorescence and x-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, infrared spectroscopy, atomic emission spectroscopy and other methods.

All officers of the service have University degrees, three hold specialist degree candidates.

Department of public relations of STU