The Kemerovo customs officials detected the goods with signs of counterfeit

In one of the outlets of the Kemerovo customs officers found thousands of pieces of clothing and shoes with signs of counterfeit. Prosecuted. The violator of intellectual property rights face a fine.

In the course of joint activities of officials of the Kemerovo customs and the Prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region, Kuzbass in one of the outlets of the city of Kemerovo and found clothes and shoes with signs of counterfeit. All consumer goods have signs of illegal use of popular trademarks “Adidas”, “Nike” “Adidas”, “Puma”.

For establishment of legitimacy of origin of the Kemerovo customs officers have made a request to the copyright holder, which confirmed the fact of illegal use of your trademark. Production is withdrawn. In respect of the shopkeeper opened the case on administrative offence under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code (Illegal use of trademark).

Note that the work to combat illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods by customs in the Kemerovo is conducted on an ongoing basis. So, for the first half of unfair entrepreneurs, was seized about 4 million units of counterfeit products. With signs of piracy identified clothing and footwear, and tobacco products with trademarks “Stolichnaya”, “W”, “Rodopi”, alcoholic products with the trademark “Beluga”. Initiated 15 cases of administrative offences under article 14.10 and article 14.33 of the administrative code (Unfair competition) and 2 criminal cases under article 180 of the criminal code (Unlawful use of means of individualization of goods). The amount of avoided damage in the first half amounted to almost 2 million rubles.

According to the chief of Department of the commodity nomenclature, the origin of goods and trade restrictions of the Kemerovo customs Andrei Sevost’yanova, every year to identify the counterfeit is becoming increasingly difficult as the level of counterfeiting becomes higher. However, it is possible to identify the main signs that indicate a counterfeit. This product and its components often differ from the approved layouts, shape, combination of colors, decorative finishes, location trademarks. Also the product most often there are no signs of protection of copyright and related rights, hologram packing film.

We remind you that in the Kemerovo customs, the clock continues to operate a “helpline” with the number 8 (3842) 36-27-36.

Using this form of communication can to anonymously report instances of corruption on the part of officers of customs, their misconduct in the performance of official duties, violations of the procedure for performing customs operations and also to suggest measures for improving the activity of the Kemerovo customs.

“The telephone hotline” works in the autoanswer mode. All messages received on the “hotline” recorded for future rapid response to violations in the sphere of customs Affairs, corruption and other offenses committed by officials and employees of customs.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs