The chief of Irkutsk customs has answered the questions of citizens in Reception of the President of the Russian Federation in the Irkutsk region

The chief of Irkutsk customs, the General-the major of customs service Yuri Rusakov, held a reception of citizens in the office of the President of the Russian Federation in the Irkutsk region. In 2020, Yuri Rusakov participated in reception of citizens at Reception of the Russian President for the eighth time.

In the framework of the implementation of the rights of applicants to receive a response on the merits of the issues raised in personal visits by the chief of Irkutsk customs has examined several issues within the competence of the Irkutsk customs, which were given full explanations.

Relevant to citizens are still issues related to the clarification of legislative amendments in the provisions of the importation of goods by international mail (IGOS), which entered into force on 1 January 2020. In accordance with these regulations apply to new money restrictions: currently, individuals without payment of customs payments will be able to receive parcels containing items for personal use with a total cost of no more than 200 euros and weighing up to 31 kg. In case of exceeding these standards will be required to pay customs duty equal to 15% of the value of goods, but not less than 2 euros per kilo of excess weight.

At this, Yu. Rusakov drew attention to the fact that commercial consignments sent to the MPO are subject to mandatory Declaration and payment of customs duties and taxes.

The chief of Irkutsk customs has also been given a detailed answer to the question related to the procedure for temporary import to the customs territory of the EAEU of goods, methods for their identification and establishing of conformity (identity) returns the items were originally placed under the customs procedure of temporary importation.

Temporary import of goods is one of the most common practices in the foreign trade procedures, including the development of cultural and scientific relations between the two countries, organization of international exhibitions and fairs, holding various sports competitions and so on.

One of the questions, concerning customs business and customs operations was the issue of the requirements for the technical equipment of warehouses of temporary storage in accordance with the Federal law on customs regulation in the Russian Federation.

During the reception, Yuri Rusakov stressed that transparency and openness are the main conditions for successful development, as customs authorities and business.

“Anyone can seek clarification and resolution of emerging issues at personal reception of the management of the Irkutsk customs and heads of customs posts, in addition, everyone will be able to call us for a free consultation on guidance and counseling of customs in the framework of providing state services”, – said the head of customs.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs