The attention of the media

The attention of the media

The Ural customs office (UTU) informs that the published 01.04.2020 edition a note about the importation of personal protective equipment, and also materials in other media based on it contain information that is untrue. In particular, is a false statement “requirement of the Ural customs to pay taxes and fees in the amount of 30% of the cost of goods.”

Pay attention of representatives of mass media of the Urals region. In UTU 01.04.2020 received letters of administrations of Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions on the implementation of a single delivery of humanitarian assistance. These letters took the form of requests for assistance and may not be a guarantee in the legal sense.

Also 01.04.2020 in the UTA received a letter from the company “Ural Importer limited” about the possibility of import from China to Russia without applying non-tariff regulation of certain goods. The letter also reported a “lack of permits” for the importation.

At the moment of the publication referred to in the consignment is not formed. The documents, allowing to identify the customs procedure to evaluate the need of payment of customs payments and their size, to the customs authorities is not available. About this in the article was not mentioned.

The customs authorities of the Ural region is focused on maximum cooperation with the administrations of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the supply of essential goods in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. Currently UTA provides the necessary interaction with the organizers supplies – LLC “the Ural Importer limited” – to determine the best mechanisms for customs clearance taking into account the planned delivery time is 8 – 12 April.

Believe it harmful and unacceptable in the difficult epidemiological situation to place in the media of unverified information directly distorting activities of state authorities.