Southern customs Directorate: the number of customs inspections reduced, and their productivity grows

In 2019, the departments of customs control after release of goods 230 held UTAH customs controls, which is 5% less than in 2018 (242). The performance of customs inspections made 95,65% (220 effective customs checks) when set, the FCS of the control value, 84 %.

According to the results of customs control after release of goods additionally charged amounts of customs payments, fines, penalties in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles Thus, the fiscal effect of customs inspection in 2019, made up 4.34 million RUB, which is 19.1% greater than the value of this indicator 2018 (3,51 million rbl.).

According to the results of verification activities initiated 917 cases of administrative offenses, 43% more than in 2018 (641) and 30 criminal cases (2018 – 33).

In cooperation with state regulatory agencies departments of customs control after release of goods UTAH in 2019 carried out 325 of verification activities (in 2018 – 364). In particular in interaction with tax authorities conducted 117 with prosecutors – 80, CPS – 36, the Rosselkhoznadzor – 54, FSB – 4, the bodies of internal Affairs – 22, other law enforcement and government agencies – 12. By results of checks of these inspections additionally charged customs payments and fines, fines in the amount of 616,84 mln, that is 56% higher than in 2018 (394,67 million rubles). On the facts of revealed violations opened 548 cases of AP and 17 criminal cases (in 2018 – 137 and 13, respectively).

For 2019 in the state Supervisory authorities transferred 174 verification material with signs of violations of the Russian legislation. By results of consideration of the obtained materials by other Supervisory authorities assessed additional taxes, fees and fines in the amount of 232,33 million rubles (in 2018 220,88 RUB million), rejected by the tax authorities for reimbursement from the Federal budget of the VAT in the sum 42,29 (million rubles in 2018 – 23,75 million rbl.). On the facts of revealed violations initiated 63 cases on administrative offenses and 14 criminal cases (in 2018 104 cases of AP and 5 UD).

Departments of customs control after release of goods the customs of the region in the domestic market of the Russian Federation held 329 verification activities aimed at detection and seizure of the trading volume of foreign products imported into the Russian Federation with violation of the customs legislation, or 18.77% more than the number of verification activities undertaken 2018 (in 2018 – 277). The results of these activities revealed:

26 036,01 kg of sanctions products (cheese, berries, pears, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, oranges, kiwi, lemons, apricots, peaches, sausage, meat (pork) in a brine, sports nutrition manufactured in Europe) an estimated cost of 2 million rubles, which is more than 7 times higher than the result of 2018 (2018 – 3 453,79 kg), seized and destroyed;

23 888 units (in 2018 – 5 793) products that have signs of piracy, prior damage to copyright holders amounted to 16.2 million rubles, which is more than 4 times higher than the result of 2018, withdrawn from the trade;

30 366 units (in 2018 – 35 133) tobacco (blend tobacco for hookahs) without excise stamps, a total value of more than 2.3 million rubles, withdrawn from the trade;

408 units of undeclared goods (clothing, furs, watches, phones, fishing equipment) at a total cost of 6.6 million rubles, withdrawn from the trade( in 2018 – 21 554 units), arrangements are made for the placement of goods under the customs procedure;

397 units (in 2018 – 373 1) of the fur products sold in breach of the rules of marking, with a total value of RUB 3 million, identified and arrested.

As a result of events initiated 217 cases of AP and 8 criminal cases (in 2018 initiated 213 cases of AP and 5 criminal cases), fines and assessed additional customs duties in the amount of RUB 2 million (in 2018 is 3.4 million rubles).

Mobile groups of the Astrakhan customs on the Russian-Kazakhstan state border of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the PU of the FSB of Russia, Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor on the roads of Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, in collaboration with the traffic police of the MIA of Russia in 2019 inspected 2 591 vehicle 084,79 carrying 44 tons of cargo, which is 28% more number of vehicles checked in 2018 (2018 – 2 020). 109 of them are detained vehicles transporting goods in violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation with a total weight of 1 393,16 tons. The results of these events brought 10 cases of AP and 5 criminal cases (in 2018 initiated 7 cases on AP and 0 SOE).

Department of public relations UTAH