Smolensk customs officers have detained potent substances

Employees of Smolensk customs and UFSB of Russia across the Smolensk region foiled another attempt of smuggling of potent substances. On signs of the crime under part 1 of article 226.1 of the Criminal Code (smuggling of potent substances), a criminal case.

This is the eighth criminal case brought by customs in 2020 under this article. This time the inhabitant of the regional center customs officers seized two bottles with the inscription “…Cyclonic weight loss Magic beans”. Only they contain 120 capsules.

– An examination found that in bottles there was a substance, which contains sibutramine, is included in the list of drugs prohibited for import and circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation. The total mass of potent substances was 33.6 g, – said acting Deputy head of the Smolensk customs Alexander Seals.

Currently, the customs investigators carried out urgent investigative actions, the completion of which the materials are transferred to law enforcement agencies.

Alexander Kotikov noted that the sanction of this article prescribes the maximum punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 7 years with a fine in the amount of 1 million rubles.

Smolensk customs warns that the pursuit of a slim figure through a variety of drugs can be deprived not only of money, but in some cases, and freedom. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine the composition of cross-border drugs and a variety of dietary Supplements to ensure that they are not prohibited to import to Russia.

In accordance with the Federal law “On narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances” the Government of the Russian Federation approved the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the Russian Federation. This list is publicly available in the reference system “Garant”.

Vladimir Safonov,

press Secretary of the Smolensk customs