Russia-Abkhazia: customs control during the holidays


Russia-Abkhazia: customs control during the holidays

During the Christmas holidays of about 45 thousand vehicles crossed the Russian-Abkhaz border.

During the holidays the strain on the multilateral automobile checkpoint Adler is increasing. Customs operations and customs control in respect of individuals and vehicles crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border, around the clock.

In the period from 1 to 8 January 2020, customs control exercised in respect of more than 208 thousand individuals, about 42 thousand cars, 1470 1129 buses and trucks, the next in both directions. Over the same period last year, the border was crossed by more than 183 thousand individuals, more than 37 thousand cars, 1,2 thousand buses and 2 thousand trucks.

Peak days load was observed from 3 to 7 January. These days the customs border in both directions during the day, crossed about 5,5 thousand cars and more than 28.5 thousand people. January 1, across the Russian-Abkhaz border drove 2,5 thousand cars, 11.5 thousand people.

One of the priority directions of activities of the customs office is the detection and suppression of violations of the customs legislation. From 1 to 8 January, officials of the customs post MAPP Adler was filed 10 cases on administrative offences. Subjects of offences in the majority of cases were alcohol, tobacco products.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs