Irkutsk customs found the illegal import from Kazakhstan preparations containing potent substance “sibutramine”

Employees of Department on struggle against contraband of drugs of the Irkutsk customs office when carrying out quickly-search actions revealed three international shipments from Kazakhstan, which were a variety of drugs, containing in its composition potent substance sibutramine.

Delivery of the specified goods into the region was carried out by international mail (two mailings) and through the company service delivery (one item).

Head of Department of administrative investigations of the Irkutsk customs Tatiana vasyutina explained that all three international cargo was intended for residents of the cities of Irkutsk and Bratsk in Irkutsk region of different age (from 30 to 47 years).

Citizen with the goal of weight ordered on foreign websites online shops and merchant sales (delivery from Kazakhstan) drugs, which were (as confirmed by examination) a potent substance “sibutramine”, which is on the territory of the Russian Federation for free circulation is prohibited.

So, to address one of inhabitants of Irkutsk has been “Magic beans for highly effective weight loss”; to the other irkutske – drugs “Li Da” and “COCONUT Slimming”; in the address of the inhabitant of Bratsk – the drugs are in the range marked “PERFEKT PLUS SLIMMING”, “ierma of Weight loss”, “Bilayt B-Lite”, “V7 – capsules with fruit extracts for weight loss”. The total number of smuggled capsules containing a potent substance, amounted to 788 units.

“Drugs containing potent substances, can not only harm the health. Their illegal import from abroad can also lead citizens (recipients and customers of the product) to both administrative and criminal responsibility”, – said T. vasyutina.

According to the legislation of potent substances, including “sibutramine”, can be imported into the Russian Federation only in the presence of medical documents (their certified copies or certified extracts from them), verifying the medical purpose the physical person of the specified drugs. Supporting documents should also contain information on the name and number assigned to the medicinal product.

All of the recipient of the prohibited substances such documents could not provide, therefore, for each citizen of the Irkutsk customs office opened a case on an administrative offense under article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia (in fact non-compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions when importing to the Russian Federation of goods containing potent substance). All violators face administrative punishment in the form of a fine.


Sibutramine is banned in most countries of the world. This provokes a potent substance dependence on drugs like ecstasy or amphetamine.

When it is used in humans, markedly deteriorating health, there are persistent headaches, increased risk of heart disease, significantly increased blood pressure, disturbed sleep and wakefulness, possible mental disorders.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs