Pulkovo customs: international mail can be tracked by a unique code

Pulkovo customs: international mail can be tracked by a unique code

In connection with the appeals of individuals for obtaining information about the location of international postal shipments and the timing of its receipt of the Pulkovo customs informs on the procedure for postal tracking.

In the case of delivery of goods ordered at various online venues, by international mail (MPO) to identify the necessary appropriate MPO identification code (a unique 13-digit alphanumeric identifier written correspondence and packages that is compliant with S10 of the Collection of the technical standards of the universal postal Union), which is applied by the postal operator for each MPO.

Only the specified ID (track code) allows the traceability of the shipment on the official website of “Mail of Russia”, which is the designated postal operator in the territory of the Russian Federation.

After the appearance of the tracking report of departure on the official website of “Mail of Russia” (www.pochta.ru) the status of “Released by customs” all further action in relation to IGOS is implemented by JSC “Russian Post”. Shipment, control of terms of delivery and wanted IGOS are not included in the functions of the customs authority.

In accordance with the provisions of article 34 of the Federal law dated 17 July 1999 No. 176-FZ “On postal communication” liable for loss, spoilage (damage), lack of attachment, failure to deliver or infringement of target dates of sending mail, other violations of the established requirements for the provision of postal services entrusted to the postal operators.

In connection with the above questions on the search, location, infringement of target dates of shipment of MPO and other violations of the regulations on provision of postal services should contact the JSC “Russian Post”.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs