Held the first working meeting of the Governor of the Sakhalin region with the chief of the Sakhalin customs

Valery Limarenko and Andrey Belyaev discussed the prospects of foreign economic activity of the region and the implementation of the law on the border.

The Governor noted that customs today interacts with the regional government in the spheres of economy, tourism, culture and sport. This work affects the development of foreign trade and economic well-being of the region.

– Sakhalin oblast have made a big step forward, and with 43 seats broke into the top 30 regions in the National rating of the investment climate. When growing flow of passengers and goods, cooperation with customs authorities is of particular importance. Thanks to your efforts, protection of economic interests of the Sakhalin region and the Russian Federation, – said Valery Limarenko.

According to Andrey Belyaev, the policy of active participation of the Sakhalin customs in foreign economic activity of the region will continue. In 2020, customs control on the border allowed us to identify 390 violations in which the assigned penalties for the sum over 30 million roubles. For the first half of initiated seven criminal cases, mostly on smuggling of potent substances.

From 1 October this year the geography of activities of the Sakhalin customs. Join us to Magadan and the Kamchatka customs. Thus, the number of posts Sakhalin customs will increase to eleven. And 3 Aug the Sakhalin customs will mark the 110th anniversary since the establishment, told the new head.


Major-General Andrey Belyaev appointed chief of the Sakhalin customs on 22 June this year. Born in 1972 in the Krasnodar region. The first education in the Donetsk higher military school of engineering and signal corps. After he graduated from the Stavropol University, specialty “Jurisprudence” and of the Stavropol state agrarian University “agro engineering”.

In the service in customs authorities Andrey S. 1994. Was chief of Stavropol, and then Rostov customs. Prior to the Sakhalin-Deputy head of southern customs office.

The press Secretary of the Sakhalin customs Yulia Zahina,

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