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Tula producers sent branded gingerbread to 30 countries

Published: April 22, 2024 14:00

April 21 is International Gingerbread Day

In 2023, Tula producers shipped 586 tons of gingerbread to 30 countries. Almost 250 tons of gingerbread products have been exported since the beginning of this year

Traditional Belevskaya pastila, a confectionary product made of apple puree and whipped proteins, is becoming increasingly popular abroad. Exports of Belevskaya pastila and marshmallows amounted to 440 tons in 2023 and 100 tons from the beginning of 2024

Tula food brands are not only popular in Russia, but are also known on the foreign market. The key buyers of Tula gingerbread and Belev pastila are China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, the UAE, as well as EAEU countries,” said Maxim Velikanov, head of the Tula Customs Office.

“Tula products are also popular in the foreign market

Svetlana Begunova,

Svetlana Begunova,

press secretary of the Tula Customs


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