The increased use of automatic algorithms

The increased use of automatic algorithms

Currently, the Samara customs office has continued to successfully develop and apply the technology of automatic registration of transit declarations.

Introduction in practice of work of customs registration technology electronic transit declarations in automatic mode, using software tools without the participation of officials, makes the process of placing goods under such customs procedure as quick and transparent. Automatic registration of transit declarations takes minutes, if the declarant strictly observes the form and order of filling of documents. It should be noted that one of the obstacles to the passage of the algorithm is poor and incomplete filling of transit declarations, so officials in the Samara customs carries out systematic work with participants of foreign trade activities, aimed at identifying and avoiding repeated mistakes.

The benefits of introducing the technology of automatic registration are obvious and undeniable. They are the transition to electronic document management. This allows to reduce the time of customs operations, increase the level of communication between participants of foreign economic activity with the customs authorities, to provide automatic processing of the information contained in the submitted documents, thereby reducing the costs of organizations.

In addition, currently at the customs post AVTOVAZ in the Samara customs determined as a pilot zone, tested the technology of automatic release of goods placed under the customs procedure of customs transit. In the initial phase, this technology is used for carriage of goods by rail and road transport (in cases when the declarant of the goods acts as a customs carrier or authorized economic operator).

“For its part, Samara customs ready to cooperate and provide guidance to traders, stakeholders and ready for implementation of promising customs technologies, including the technology of automatic registration of transit declarations,” – stated the chief of Department of customs procedures and customs control in the Samara customs Alexander Alexander Boranes.

Alexander Patrikeev

acting press Secretary of the Samara customs