De-Kastrinskiy customs post of Khabarovsk customs turns 35

De-Kastrinskiy customs post of Khabarovsk customs turns 35

June 25, 2020 marks 35 years since the formation of De-Kastrinskiy the customs office. In the submission of the Khabarovsk customs of the Sakhalin customs post moved July 1, 2013, without changing their location and staffing.

Today on De-Kastrinskiy customs post serve 8 people. Team is headed by the Colonel of customs service Oleg Tuchkov.

Customs post is located in the largest oil port on the Pacific coast of Russia and is the main shipping harbour for uninterrupted shipment of oil produced in the framework of the project “Sakhalin-1”, from De-Kastri terminal to markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the chief of the De-Kastrinskiy customs office Oleg Tuchkov, in 2020 the officers of the post made a movement control on the export of more than 109 thousand cubic meters of round wood, more than 6 million tons of oil (65 oil tankers) with 156 ships. The main countries in the export of oil became the Republic of Korea and Japan, timber – China.


25 June 1985 by the Ministry of foreign trade was created De Kastrinskiy customs office subordinate while Vaninsky customs. One of the first in the far East fasting was part of the three customs: Vaninskoi, Amur and Sakhalin. From 1 July 2013 in accordance with order of the Federal customs service No. 515 De-Kastrinskiy customs post was transferred from the Ministry of the Sakhalin customs in the submission of the Khabarovsk customs. The specifics of the post has not changed: working with companies operating in the oil and gas industry, as well as major interstate projects such as the project “Sakhalin-1”.

The project “Sakhalin-1” is one of the largest investment projects in the Russian Federation, implemented on the terms of Agreements on production section (entered into force in 1996). Potential recoverable oil reserves under the project “Sakhalin-1” is approximately 307 million tons (2.3 billion barrels) of oil and 485 billion cubic meters (17.1 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas per year.

Elena Popova, press Secretary of the Khabarovsk customs

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