Dangerous souvenir: how to travel abroad without any problems at the border?

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays Airport customs post Rostov-on-don (Platov) remind about the specifics of “green” and “red” customs corridors.

Rostov customs officers at the air border crossing point continues to detect violations of customs legislation by citizens when moving the goods through border of the Russian Federation. For 2019, the officials of the customs post of the Airport of Rostov-on-don (Platov) Rostov customs instituted 836 cases on administrative offences.

During holidays and vacations most often the violators of the legislation are tourists returning from vacation. In the accompanied baggage passengers customs officers find prohibited (restricted) movement across the customs border of the EAEU goods, and also identify the excess as prescribed by law of the importation.

What you should know when going through customs control at the airport?

  1. Choosing between “red” or “green” customs corridors remember:

Green channel is for those passengers who have no goods subject to mandatory written Declaration and in respect of which you have not installed the current customs legislation of prohibitions and (or) restrictions on their movement across the customs border. It is also necessary to note that this procedure applies only to goods for personal use, that is intended for personal, family, household and other needs of physical persons not related to entrepreneurial activity. In addition, saved receipts for expensive items (over 10,000 euros), acquired abroad, to help confirm their value.

The red channel is for passengers, transporting goods subject to written Declaration, to the entrance to this corridor need to fill in a passenger customs Declaration.

  1. With established limits, norms and peculiarities of import/export of certain goods for personal use should be read before passage of customs control. All necessary information is available at the information stands, information kiosks, on the video monitors located opposite the entrance to the customs control zone.

The main categories of subjects of offenses in 2019: alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, driven for themselves or as gifts to friends and relatives, as well as cash.

Since the beginning of the current year on the facts of smuggling and not declaring alcoholic beverages in quantities greater than 3 liters, officials of the customs post of the Airport of Rostov-on-don (Platov) initiated more than 166 of administrative cases withdrawn 469 liters of alcohol.

The reason for the initiation of 57 cases of AP was a violation of the restrictions on the import of tobacco products.

Another category of offences detected at the customs post – importation of the so-called “Souvenirs” related to melee weapons (knives and knuckle dusters). In 2019 according to the facts the officials of the customs post opened 26 Affairs about administrative offences, seized more than 29 units of bladed weapons.

To customs control may also come in handy to convert cash. Since the beginning of 2019, officials of the customs post of the Airport of Rostov-on-don (Platov) identified 62 cases of illegal movements of cash, as the subject of the offense seized funds totaling more than 6.5 million rubles.

From February 2020, with one movement of one individual through the customs border of the EAEU of cash and (or) monetary instruments in an amount exceeding 100 thousand US dollars, simultaneously with the submission of the passenger customs Declaration should be submitted documents confirming the origin of such funds

The chief of the Airport customs post Rostov-on-don (Platov) Vyacheslav Starodubov: “the Main cause of violations is ignorance of the rules of movement of goods by physical persons through the customs border. Familiarize yourself with the rules right in the airport Lounges: memo to passengers of international flights are located on the information stands, information kiosks, video monitors, located opposite the entrance to the zone of customs control at check-in desks and filling out a passenger customs Declaration in Russian and in English, German and French.

Information about the order of moving goods by individuals for personal use can be found at the southern customs Department FCS of Russia”.

For the purpose of convenience, mobility and reduction of time for customs control directly in the air checkpoint “Platov”, any natural person may in advance of the movement of goods across the customs border shall submit passenger customs Declaration filled in electronic form. It is necessary to use the information service “Submission of the passenger customs Declaration” on the official website of the FCS of Russia via “Personal Cabinet” (http://edata.customs.ru/FtsPersonalCabinetWeb/).

Anna Polaskova, press Secretary of the Rostov customs