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The first 800 tons of fresh tomatoes have arrived at the Port of Olja via the North-South ITC

Published: April 18, 2024 09:04

The first shipment of fresh tomatoes from Turkmenistan has arrived in Russia directly by sea via the North-South ITC at the Olya border crossing point. This is the first trip of the ferry from the port of Turkmenbashi with 40 vehicles with trailers with fresh tomatoes in their cargo compartments. Special container bodies that maintain the necessary temperature regime are used to move perishable goods

More than 80 transit declarations were submitted to the customs post of the Sea Port Olya of Astrakhan customs for further shipment of goods to Russian cities. Employees of the post also carried out transport control of vehicles: checked documents for compliance and seals for integrity, issued transit declarations in the shortest possible time (issuance of one declaration took up to 20 minutes). Some of the goods went through the procedure of completing customs transit at the Astrakhan customs post

The batches were exported to Russia by Turkmen entrepreneurs. Now the sweet vegetables, which traveled across the Caspian Sea, went to the tables of Russians

On the return trip to Turkmenistan, the ferry sailed across the Caspian Sea with 800 tons of Belarusian cheese, Russian dairy products and consumer goods in 42 cargo vehicles

“Over the past 5 years, only construction goods, mainly from the UAE and Iran: cement, ceramic tiles, polypropylene, cars, have been imported by sea through the customs post of the Sea Port of Olya. Customs control of perishable goods is carried out on a priority basis. We realize how important it is to keep vegetables fresh and deliver them to consumers promptly. Therefore, customs formalities are carried out in the shortest possible time,” explained Oleg Lychagin, head of the customs post of the Sea Port Olya of Astrakhan Customs

Tatiana Polyakova

Astrakhan Customs