Southern Customs Administration

A working meeting of representatives of the FCS of Russia and the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia took place in Sochi

From the Russian side, the meeting was attended by deputy head of the main department “Monitoring and Operational Control Center of the FCS of Russia” Valery Parfenov, deputy head of the Southern Customs Directorate Sergei Rudov, head of Krasnodar Customs Natalia Polosokhina, heads of customs posts, representative of the FCS of Russia in the Republic of Abkhazia Konstantin Kozlov, head of the Abkhaz customs post of the FCS of Russia Igor Titarenko. The Abkhaz delegation was represented by Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia Zurab Ashuba, head of the Main Department of customs clearance and customs control Jamal Tseiba, head of the department of organization of customs clearance and customs control Temyr Dgebia, head of the Department of customs statistics and analysis Asida Kvitsinia, head of the legal department Anana Gogokhia, deputy head of the customs post “Psou” Timur Lasuria

The working meeting discussed topical issues of preparation for the upcoming holiday season, as well as a wide range of issues related to customs clearance and control of agricultural products exported from the Republic of Abkhazia

In the course of the meeting it was noted that in the conditions of increasing passenger traffic and trade turnover with the Republic of Abkhazia it is necessary to coordinate common efforts on the operational work of border checkpoints. Thus, during the holiday season (from May to October) in 2023 more than 8.5 million individuals and 1.5 million vehicles, including about 60 thousand tour buses, crossed the Russian-Abkhazian border in both directions. On the automobile direction at the border with the Republic of Abkhazia another record of peak loads was recorded: up to 70 thousand individuals crossed the border per day. In total, more than 13 million individuals and more than 2.7 million vehicles crossed the border in 2023

In the period of peak loads the duty shifts are strengthened by sending additional number of officials, operational interaction with other state control bodies is carried out. The meeting participants agreed to provide maximum assistance in the work of agencies by exchanging information on the number of vehicles crossing the border, the order of control of organized excursion groups and other issues that require a prompt decision

Special attention during the conversation was paid to the issues of customs operations in respect of fruit and vegetable products exported from the Republic of Abkhazia. The issues of organization of the full cycle of the process of customs clearance and customs control of products, requirements to the documents submitted for registration of agricultural products, the order of formation of customs value of products and control by customs authorities of Abkhazia over the reliability of information declared by participants of foreign economic activity were discussed. During the meeting the Russian side emphasized the issue of strengthening control over compliance with the conditions of temporary import of vehicles for personal use from the Republic of Abkhazia. Control measures are connected with the growth of non-exported vehicles registered in the territory of Abkhazia from the customs territory of the EEU and are aimed at suppressing fraudulent schemes and other violations. As a result of the meeting further prospects of interaction and the main tasks of joint work were determined

Marina Zhupanova,

Spokesperson of the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

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