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Illegal export of currency was stopped at Sochi airport

Published: May 2, 2024 10:45

Undeclared cash seized from a passenger flying to Turkey.  

In the course of control, officers of the Sochi Airport customs post of Krasnodar Customs stopped a passenger departing from Russia to Turkey on a Sochi-Stambul flight. The man was traveling along the “green corridor” and did not submit a passenger customs declaration. During the oral interview he said that he was carrying cash in foreign and Russian currency

“During the inspection in the bag of the citizen was revealed cash currency in the amount of 15 thousand dollars. US dollars and 54,000 rubles of the Russian Federation,” explained Ivan Leoshko, the head of the customs post of Sochi Airport.

“According to the legislation, the citizen’s bag was found to contain 15,000 US dollars and 54,000 rubles of the Russian Federation

According to the legislation without written declaration is allowed one-time import or export of cash and (or) traveler’s checks for a total amount equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars. US DOLLARS. The cash currency not exceeding the established norm (USD 10 thousand) was returned to the passenger. The rest of the cash in the amount of 5 thousand US dollars was returned to the passenger. The remaining cash in the amount of USD 5,000 and RUB 54,000 was seized

A case on administrative offense under article 16.4 of the Administrative Code of Russia “Non-declaration or inaccurate declaration of cash and (or) monetary instruments by individuals” was initiated

Marina Zhupanova,

Press-secretary of the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

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