At Sevastopol entrepreneur failed “Shoe” citizens in counterfeit goods

At Sevastopol entrepreneur failed “Shoe” citizens in counterfeit goods

June 25, 2020 officers and staff of the Sevastopol customs together with the Sevastopol transport Prosecutor’s office within the framework of operational search activities found and seized consumer goods with signs of counterfeit.

Identified the individual entrepreneur has the goods marked with brands “Nike” and “Adidas” in the amount of 212 pairs of shoes were seized by customs officers from turnover. At the conclusion of the franchisors of the brands of the seized goods are counterfeit and the amount of damage is more than 1.7 million rubles.

Thus, the actions of the individual entrepreneur, carrying out storage and realization of goods, marked trademark identical to the trademark “Nike” and “Adidas”, discernible signs of a crime under part 1 of article 180 of the criminal code.

Check materials are directed for examination to confirm the counterfeit nature of the goods and onward transmission to Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Sevastopol.

Persons violating the law will be brought to justice.

Sevastopol customs on a regular basis conducts activities to detect and suppress trafficking in counterfeit goods. Conducted customs control of goods containing objects of intellectual property serves several purposes: protecting the interests of rights holders; providing revenues to the state budget from customs duties and taxes; ensuring the safety of consumer products.

Press service of the Sevastopol customs