About 2.5 billion rubles was transferred Khakas customs state revenue in 2019

January 26 – international customs officer day. Traditionally, this date Khakas customs officials summed up the results of their work in the past year. So, in 2019, Khakas customs in the Federal budget allocated about 2.5 billion rubles (2018 – more than 1.8 billion). Customs offices have produced about 3.7 thousand goods declarations (for 2018 – more than 3.7), and about 7.8 thousand transit declarations (for 2018 – exceeding 7.9).

Abakan customs post in the international air border crossing point Abakan conducted customs control of the Luggage 11 194 67 passengers of Charter flights, and 276 aircraft, have committed a technical landing. In addition, the customs post graduate 114 international mail (for 2018 – 54), issued by PTS 97 vehicles (for 2018 – 15).

In 2019 Khakas customs has opened a 291 the case of administrative offences and criminal 7 cases, 4 of which on the facts of non-payment of funds for exported lumber, 2 on the facts of contraband of potent substances, 1 upon smuggling of the timber.

In 2019 in the domestic consumer market Khakas customs in cooperation with other law enforcement and regulatory agencies identified more than 1 thousand units of counterfeit products. In this list – sportswear, shoes and accessories, toys, cigarettes, perfumes, headphones and speaker. The amount of damage caused to the right holders of intellectual property amounted to more than 4 million rubles.

“September 17, 2019 Khakass custom converted into customs actual control, – said the head of the Khakassian customs Sergey Avdeev. – The main task of customs – the customs operations connected with the electronic Declaration of goods. A significant part of the electronic Declaration of the array Khakas customs moved in the Siberian e-customs and the centers for the electronic Declaration to other customs. I should note that the number of customs posts of the customs observations, examinations and inspections increased significantly. If in 2018 they were 312, in 2019 – 442”.


The region of Khakas customs, the Republic of Khakassia and the seven regions of the South of Krasnoyarsk region.

Marina Fisher,

press Secretary of the Khakassian customs