Novosibirsk postal customs office has checked a record number of international mail

In 2019, Novosibirsk postal customs post of Novosibirsk customs carried out control over the shipment of goods to 47 million of international mail (MPO) is two times more than in 2018.

The majority of parcels arrived from China. Basically sent the goods ordered by Russians in foreign online stores (clothes, shoes, toys, electronics, various accessories, cosmetics, tools, etc.).

Most of the items (90%), coming to the post of Novosibirsk customs post small packets, the average cost of the goods not exceeding 15 euros.

All mail went through customs in the fixed period (no more than 4 hours of receipt in customs). To control processing time in the Novosibirsk customs is organized daily monitoring of incoming and past customs control MPO.

The chief of a customs post of Novosibirsk Gennady Shahi said: “In the process of registration of international parcels is currently being implemented the technology of automatic release mechanism and selective control based on the results of the analysis of the risk management system. This will improve the speed of processing growing amounts of MPO and to preserve the quality of customs control over the safety of imported goods”.

Postal inspectors of the Novosibirsk customs office in 2019 was foiled 2 attempts to move into Russia of drugs weighing 883 grams. (during the same period 2018 – 27 attempts to import into Russia narcotics and dangerous drugs weighing 4.8 kg); seized more than 200 units of cold arms and refused to issue 534 packages containing goods prohibited for transfer across the border.

In the process of customs control are also identified counterfeit goods – counterfeits of well-known brands. Based on the responses from rights holders to protect their rights, entered the Novosibirsk postal customs post inspectors made decisions on refusal in issue 518 of units of such goods and return them to the sender. Among outright fakes – balls and cups FIFA; brooches and CHANEL earrings, emblems, and car parts (hoods, candles, moldings, overlays) MERCEDES-BENZ, TOYOTA, DENSO, RENAULT, Volkswagen, LADA; belts Gucci, toys Smeshariki, cell phone Apple and more.

“In General, a decrease of the facts of the shipment of prohibited items in international mail. This is the result of joint work of customs officers of Russia and China in the development of Internet Commerce in particular, and integration in information resources Internet sites reference books on the customs regulations of the countries of the EEU. When ordering goods, the buyer sees a message about possible restrictions on the shipment of such goods across the border,” – said the head of the Novosibirsk customs office Gennady shahs.

In the experiment, the use of simplified procedure of customs operations in respect of goods sent in postal items for export, Novosibirsk postal customs post in 2019 were issued for the 1370 post of electronic customs declarations is 18 times more than in 2018.

We will remind, experiment on simplification of customs Declaration of exported goods, the Federal customs service and the Post of Russia and implements the 2017 under the instruction of the Russian Government. Its essence is to create the most comfortable conditions of export of goods for domestic producers working under the simplified system of taxation, as well as companies that the export of goods is not required to refund VAT.

In the design of exported goods, these senders can use as the customs Declaration document used by the universal postal Union (waybill for parcels CN23 or CN22 for small packets up to 2 kg). This decision suggests that the entire dialogue of the sender when the processing of exported goods starts and ends at the post office and takes a few minutes. All further work with the documents is carried out by post and the Federal customs service of Russia on the basis of the Declaration without the presence of the sender in the customs authorities.

Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs