30 years old far Eastern customs administration

30 years since the formation of marks of the far Eastern customs administration (DVTU) August 7, 2020. DVTU created in 1990 by order of the Main Department of the State customs control at the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Today, the DVTU is geographically the largest regional office in the structure of the Federal customs service. More than 5.5 thousand customs officers ensure the economic security of the country in the far East. Organization and control over their activities carried 450 officers of the Management staff under the leadership of Lieutenant General of customs service Yuri Mikhailovich Ladygina.

In the region of DVTU – 11 subjects of the Russian Federation, constituents of the far Eastern Federal district, which is on land borders with Mongolia, China and North Korea, and by sea with Japan and the United States. It is the largest foreign trade partners.

A distinctive feature of the DVTU is a significant length of the borders – more than 28 thousand km, and more than half of the entire border of Russia. Today, the customs authorities of the Far East includes 13 offices and 64 of the customs office. In the region of the function 58 checkpoints across the state border.

From 1 October 2020 in the structure of DVTU coming changes: Kamchatka and the Magadan customs will be reorganized by joining Sakhalin and Birobidzhan and Blagoveshchensk to Khabarovsk. In the composition of the DVTU will be 9 customs houses, 6 of which will continue in the status of the customs actual control.

As the head of DVTU Yuriy Ladygin, the reform will allow more efficient use of resources of customs bodies, as well as improve the quality of customs administration.

In the framework of the complex program of development of customs service by the end of 2020, the Declaration of goods in Russia will register and release only 16 centers of electronic Declaration. Two of them entered the area of responsibility of the DVTU:

– since the beginning of 2019 has a center electronic Declaration Vladivostok customs, which is concentrated Declaration, the volume of goods transported by sea along the entire East coast.

– May 15, 2020 on the territory of Primorsky Krai was officially far Eastern electronic customs. New customs and included in its submission to the center for electronic Declaration to the end of the year is fully closed on itself, the Declaration array of “land” customs.

Far Eastern customs officers are actively used in the work of promising customs technologies, which simplify and accelerate customs procedures. So, today 72% of imports and 86% of export declarations submitted by the traders low risk category, today are recorded in automatic mode.

For 30 years, DVTU has accumulated in the Federal budget about 3 trillion rubles. Trade turnover through customs DVTU amounted to almost 1 billion tons worth about 500 billion US dollars. The volume of trade and transfer of customs payments to grow each year. An increasing number of companies engaged in international trade in the far East. Today there are over 12.5 million.

The main products of export, based on the characteristics of the region are water biological resources, ferrous metals, wood and articles of wood. Import from abroad, vehicles, machinery and equipment, home appliances, plastics, ferrous metals, and food and consumer goods.

Historical note:

The first chief DVTU in 1990 he was appointed Councilor of customs service of I rank Oleg Sviridov. Initial staffing of Management consisted of 37 customs officers, including Valery Zubkov, Alexander Terekhin Vasily Bernik, Vladimir Stepanov, Faith Barista, Tatiana Kaunov and others.

The structure of DVTU since inception, consisted of 12 customs. With the increase of foreign trade increase their amount: of customs posts has acquired the status of customs. In the early 2000s, a marked tendency to the optimization of the customs authorities by merging them.

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