“25 million passengers and 196 thousand ships: Koltsovsky customs celebrated the 25th anniversary of”

“25 million passengers and 196 thousand ships: Koltsovsky customs celebrated 25-year anniversary”

For a quarter century, the annual passenger traffic has grown 7 times. “In 1995, on international flights at Koltsovo number of passengers did not exceed three hundred thousand people. In 2008, ridership had topped 1 million, and in 2013, consistently hovering around 2 million people”, – said the head of the Koltsovki custom name V. A. Sorokin Anatoly Timoshenkov.

As an independent unit of the Federal customs service of Russia Koltsovsky customs established in 1995. In its history, koltsovsky customs officers have issued a total weight of 1.4 million tonnes and a value of 19 billion U.S. dollars. Customs control in the main air gates of the Urals were 25 million passengers and 196 thousand international aircraft. Officials of the youngest of the customs office (post) for 5 years, has carried out customs operations in respect of nearly 200 million parcels.

For a quarter century, koltsovsky customs transferred to the Federal budget of more than 45 billion roubles.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary for high achievements in professional activities of customs named Lieutenant General of customs service Vladimir Alexandrovich Sorokin. Still There custom to them. V. A. Sorokin is the only nominal customs in Russia.


The first international Charter flew from Koltsovo in 1991. Customs operations in respect of passengers and goods was done in those years seconded to the Domodedovo customs. In early 1993 he formed the Yekaterinburg Koltsovo customs office customs – this time in the airport schedule there were regular international destinations.

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