100% attention and a lot of flowers

March 6, 2020, the day before the holiday, the men of the North-Caucasian customs Department and Mineralovodsky customs congratulated the beautiful half of the team with International women’s day.

“What girls need to be happy? Right place and flowers”, men ctvuu well know how you can please colleagues. Romantic and fantastic atmosphere enveloped every woman who came that day to work. Next on the program was the presentation of gifts, after which all were invited to the solemn event. Songs of love, female beauty and kindness – a musical surprise waiting for the girls in the auditorium.

Deputy chief Severo-the Caucasian customs office Oleg Nazarov on behalf of management congratulated the beautiful ladies with the upcoming holiday and presented departmental awards. By orders of the FCS of Russia from December 18, 2019 No. 1081-N, and January 10, 2019 No. 19-P for meritorious service in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation, achieved high results in the work for the protection of economic interests and ensuring economic security of the Russian Federation medal “For service in customs authorities”, 2nd class were awarded the main state customs inspector of legal Department ctvuu Elizabeth Gavrish. Certificates of honor of Federal customs service of Russia received the senior state customs inspector of Department of state secret protection and special documentary communication of Administration of Irina Kulishenko and consultant of Department of control of customs value of service of Federal customs incomes of the Management, the head of Chernenko. Gratitude of the head of the FCS of Russia was declared the main state customs inspector of Department of accounting and financial Control monitoring, Natalia Glebova and the Deputy chief of Department of control of electronic payments service Federal customs revenues Control Lyubov Chuprynina. For achievements in the Amateur art creativity, a diploma of the winner of the 24th exhibition of the contest of Amateur art in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation, was awarded the main state customs inspector (public relations) Mineralovodsky customs Julia Kutako and chief state customs inspector of Department of public service and personnel of Mineralovodsky customs Angelica Faustova.

Dear women of the North-Caucasian customs office, Mineralnye Vody,
Dagestan, North-Ossetia, North Caucasian operational and electronic customs!

Heartily congratulate You with International women’s day!

March 8 represents the spring, gives the warmest feelings
and a special mood symbolizes the triumph of love and beauty.

This beautiful day has become a real symbol of hope for a better change in life.
Let the magical atmosphere of the holiday, filled with fresh spring flowers
and care your loved ones around You and in everyday life.
I wish You good health, happiness, prosperity and confidence in those around!

The office of public relations
North-Caucasus customs Department