Greetings to Vladimir Bulavin International women’s day

Greetings to Vladimir Bulavin International women’s day

Dear women, dear colleagues! I congratulate you with International women’s day March 8!

You have their service in different parts of our vast country. Women’s wisdom, patience, attention to detail along with experience and professionalism help you to successfully solve complex challenges facing the Federal customs service.

You always try to do everything to take care of their families, educate their children, to always remain beautiful and charming. Your smiles, warmth inspire and support us.

March 8 – the first holiday of spring. And if not everywhere today this day is truly spring, wish you a very warm, Sunny mood! I wish that your life was full of kindness and love, misery avoided and peace and harmony will always fill your hearts.

Let your work, service in customs bodies gives you joy, satisfaction and confidence in the future.

Health to you and your loved ones, family happiness, prosperity and success in all your endeavors!