Vyborg customs: the suitcase found 500 packs of cigarettes

Cigarettes hidden from customs control, revealed the customs officers at the customs post MAPP Torfyanovka on the Russian-Finnish border.

One of the eight passengers of the minibus brand “Ford Transit”, coming out from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union in the suitcase, among his personal belongings was placed a pack of cigarettes. The goods a man is not declared.

In the course of customs control in conjunction with a specialist-cynologist service dog named Fileno Leon reacted to the suitcase of one of the passengers.

Explanation of the citizen should be that he moved the cigarette with the purpose of transferring them to a third party in a conditional place for a cash reward.

Cigarette brand “Marlboro” total number of 500 packs (10 000) was recognized by the customs on the goods not intended for personal use. Criminal case concerning an administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation. The product is withdrawn and sent to the merchandising expertise to determine the market value. Currently under an administrative investigation.

In order to prevent violations of physical persons of the customs legislation related to the Declaration of goods at moving through customs border of the Eurasian economic Union, customs “Vyborg” reminds us that the individual bears sole administrative responsibility for the Commission of such acts.

Background: in accordance with the Russian legislation the list of goods not for personal use, include:

tobacco products in more than 200 cigarettes (more than 1 unit);

50 cigars (cigarillos);

250 grams of tobacco or specified products in assortment, weighing more than 250 grams transported by a person under 18 years of age.

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs