Vyborg customs held a contest of culinary skill

The day of the competition cooking baking looking forward to as the competition participants and jury members, ready to make a fair assessment of the work submitted for the competition “Delicious”! Previously, “Yum” was held in Vyborg customs annually. Today, after a break of four years, the competition has decided to resume.

Amazing culinary talents demonstrated 28 officials, among which the competition was attended by three representatives of the stronger sex. The participants presented their culinary products in four categories: “Cakes”, “Biscuits and cookies”, “Cakes and pies”, “Pancakes and pizza”.

Every meal can be called a culinary masterpiece! The jury was difficult to choose winners.

Enjoy the beginning of spring and receive a positive charge in a friendly atmosphere, officials invite their current colleagues and veterans of the customs service of the Vyborg customs!

Judges and the audience appreciated not only the taste, but the originality of ideas. Spectators and fans also enjoyed trying dishes, put the huskies and never ceased to admire the skill of their colleagues.

– Incredibly delicious! – sounded at each table. All participants received well-deserved compliments and the highest rating in the form of clean plates!

Winners in the category “Cakes”:

1st place – “Spring bouquet”, Svetlana Nazarova, a senior state customs inspector of customs post checkpoint Buslovskaya;

2nd place – “loving hearts”, Vitaly Gollnick head of Department of customs control of fissile and radioactive materials;

3rd place – “a Wonderful moment”, Elena Larina senior state customs inspector of customs post MAPP Svetogorsk.

Winners in the category “Biscuits and scones”:

1st place – “Cheesecake “new York”, Elena Potapova, chief state customs inspector of the Department of accounting and financial monitoring;

2nd place – “Baklava”, Elena Pershina, Deputy head of the customs post Sea port of Vyborg;

3rd place – “Tenderness”, Svetlana Rodionova, the main state customs inspector of the train Vyborg customs post.

The winners in the nomination “Pies and cakes”:

1st place – “Jolly locomotive” Mary Kurlapov Deputy head of the Vyborg railway customs post;

2nd place – “fish Pie”, Lydia Socinova veteran of the customs service;

3rd place – “wishes”, Natalia Lapteva head of Department of documentary maintenance of the customs post MAPP Svetogorsk.

The winners in the nomination “Pancakes and pizza”:

1st place – “Pancake fantasy”, a team from the division of administrative investigations;

2nd place – “the Tasty bunch”, Svetlana Solovchuk chief state customs inspector of the Svetogorsk customs station;

3rd place – “Pancakes”, Natalia Matyushkin chief state customs inspector of customs post MAPP Torfyanovka.

Most likes gathered Irina Klimenko, chief state customs inspector of customs post MAPP Svetogorsk for cakes “Crystal greetings from France”

Competition was extensive, competitive and interesting! For all participants thank you so much!

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs