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VI. The Work of the Council

  1. The Council conducts scheduled and unscheduled meetings.
  2. The scheduled meetings are to be conducted in accordance with the annual schedule of work.
  3. Unscheduled meetings are carried out for consideration of urgent matters on the basis of decisions of the management of the Council.
  4. At the meetings the members of the Council listen to the reports of the members of the Council, Heads of structural divisions of the FCS of Russia, customs offices, and representatives of business circles.
  5. The meetings of the Council are convened when necessary but not less than once every three months.
  6. The Council makes decisions on the results of its consideration of the issues.
  7. The decisions of the Council are legally qualified in case when more than half of the members of the Council are present, including the presence of more than half of the representatives of business circles, the members of the Council.
  8. The decisions of the Council are taken by simple majority of the vote of those members of the Council present at such meeting.
  9. The decisions of the Council may be adopted by means of polling the members of the Council by the executive secretary on request of the Chairman of the council.

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