Vladimir custom: three criminal cases on foreign currency fraud

Vladimir custom: three criminal cases on foreign currency fraud

During the joint testing activities carried out by employees of customs of Vladimir and Ivanovo transport Prosecutor’s office, with the power support of SOBR of the Central operative customs stopped the channel of illegal financial transactions that were conducted through one of the Bank Ivanovo.

Under the guise of legitimate foreign trade activities, bypassing bans and restrictions imposed by the currency legislation of the Russian Federation, a commercial firm using false documents, through the “one-day firms” have concluded contracts for the supply of textile products for the Ivanovo enterprises, and then through the Bank transferred the money to accounts of organizations located abroad.

Customs officers it was found that in fact textiles in the country are not imported, and the money in the amount of 31 million rubles illegally withdrawn from Russia. Carried out searches at 11 locations, during which the seized documents and data, including information taken from computers, interviewed the Director of “one – day firms” and other persons, identified during verification activities.

According to the facts Vladimir custom 3 criminal cases on signs of structure of a crime, responsibility for which is provided by article 193.1 of the criminal code “Commission of foreign exchange transactions for the remittance of funds in foreign currency or the currency of the Russian Federation to the accounts of non-residents using falsified documents”.

From the beginning of 2020 Vladimir custom instituted 5 criminal cases on the fact of illegal foreign exchange transactions in the total amount of the unreturned funds more than 288 million roubles.

Natalia Odintsova,
press Secretary of the Vladimirskiy customs