Through Kursk customs officers of the order of the red Star will stay at Home

Magistrates court of Rylsky district of the Kursk region issued a ruling on the confiscation of the order of the red Star, seized by customs officers a citizen of Austria in 2019.

At the multilateral automobile checkpoint Krupets officials of the customs post MAPP Krupets of Kursk customs in October last year, was arrested 66-year-old citizen of the Republic of Austria, attempted to illegally export from Russia order of the red Star. The order was discovered during the inspection of the vehicle in the passenger compartment personal belongings. The order was withdrawn and directed on examination.

From the words of a citizen of Austria, military order he bought in Vladivostok from strange men as a souvenir. The documents in the order were absent. The award was taken home to Austria, as interested in history and Antiques. That in case of export of Russia the order must be declared to the customs authorities in accordance with the law and have documentation authorizing the export of the state awards of the USSR from the country, he did not know.

According to the expert, the order of the red Star No. 2827362 1945, belongs to the category of cultural property, as the subject of phaleristics, established over 50 years ago. In addition, the order of the red Star is a state award of the USSR. Free (market) value of the order amounted to 5730 rubles.

A citizen of Austria in fact fail to declare in the prescribed form of the goods subject to Declaration, initiated a case on administrative offence. The guilt in violation of the customs legislation of the Eurasian economic Union, a citizen of Austria recognized. After the completion of the administrative investigation the case of AP sent to the court.

Court ruling an Austrian citizen found guilty of committing an administrative offence and to it punishment in the form of confiscation subject of an administrative offense, the order of the red Star No. 2827362 1945.

– After the entry of court orders into effect, confiscated by the order of the red Star will be handed over for safekeeping to the Commission on state awards under the President of the Russian Federation,- the chief of Kursk customs Igor Aleynikov.

Our reference: in accordance with clause 6 of section 2.20 of Annex 2 to the Decision of Board of Eurasian economic Commission on 21.04.2015. № 30 “About measures of non-tariff regulation” (as amended by the Decision of Board of the Euroasian economic Commission from 14.06.2016, No. 74), items faleristics: medals, medals (with the exception of personal awards allowed to wear at availability of order cards and decoration certificates, exported by the award), as well as memorabilia and badges, table medal and seal, badges, tokens, etc., established over 50 years ago, are cultural values. For their removal it is necessary to design the conclusion (the allowing document) on the export of cultural property. Permission for each case of export of cultural property granted by the authorized body (Ministry of culture) according to the results of the application of physical person about issue of the conclusion (the allowing document) on the export of cultural property for personal use and the documents attached thereto. Goods for personal use, in respect of which a licensing procedure for export are subject to customs Declaration with the use of the passenger customs Declaration

Sergey Bryantsev,

press Secretary of the Kursk customs