The Vyborg customs officers discovered undeclared watch famous brand

During the customs inspection of the tourist passenger bus at the customs post MAPP cranberry Vyborg customs in the direction of entry of Finland to Russia, the cabin discovered undeclared “smart” watches without a trace of the operation.

From the explanation of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the goods be moved, it follows that he bought Apple watch Nike Series 5 GPS in 3 pieces and cost € 1467 “exclusively for themselves, mom, dad”.

In accordance with the customs law, movable goods, the man was to declare in full in written form, as the cost of purchase exceeds 500 Euro.

In respect of the passenger bus criminal case under part 1 of article 16.2 of the Russian code of administrative offences (failure to declare or false Declaration of goods) that shall entail imposing a fine amounting to twice the value of the goods.


On the basis of provisions of the Agreement of 18 June 2010 “On the procedure for movement by individuals of goods for personal use through the customs border of the customs Union and customs operations connected with their release” must be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation of goods by individuals for personal use in accompanied and unaccompanied baggage, provided the duty-free importation. The customs value of such goods transported by one individual, should not exceed the equivalent of 500 euros and have a total weight of 25 kilograms.

In addition, the Vyborg customs reminds:

1 February 2020 in accordance with the Decision of the Board Eurasian economic Commission of 23 July 2019 No. 124 “On the customs Declaration of goods for personal use” changes in the form of the passenger customs Declaration, procedure of filling of the passenger customs Declaration and customs operations related to the change (addition) of the information stated in the passenger customs Declaration.

New forms of passenger customs declarations and examples for filling will be posted from February 1, 2020 in the information zones in all customs offices, located at checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation.

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs