The North Ossetian customs reported on the results of the 2019

In the North Ossetian customs held a final meeting where the management team reported on the results for 2019.

The meeting was attended by the head of the North-Caucasian customs Department albert Mavlikov, head of the North Ossetia customs Sergey Trotsko, as well as heads and representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Republic.

In 2019 the North Ossetian customs entered into a new status – the customs actual control. These changes occurred in connection with the creation of the North Caucasus e-customs. Now participants of foreign economic activity of the region is served of the Declaration of goods in electronic Declaration Center. The main task of the customs of the new format was the performance of transactions with transit cargo: examination, inspection, measurement, weighting, and partial paper Declaration.

The customs reform aimed at efficient use of the released due to automation of human resources that has allowed to reduce terms of customs clearance and enhance the quality of customs administration. The past year has allowed participants of foreign economic activities to ensure the benefits of innovative technologies.

Just 2019, the amount of transfers of the North Ossetian customs to the Federal budget amounted to 162% of the planned target.

In criminal cases the seized illicit goods worth 67.5 million rubles. Among them: cultural values, tobacco products, cigarettes, vehicles, military equipment, and narcotic and potent substances. In addition, the initiated administrative cases and levied penalties amounting to 17 million rubles.

As a result of ongoing work identified and destroyed under anticyclonic measures 5.7 tons of food products: cheese production in Greece; lemons and blueberries – Spain; Dutch onions, apples and exotic fruits. 10 tons seized due to the lack of labeling of “fresh potatoes” were transferred for implementation in the organs of the Agency.

When you try the import into the customs territory of Russia was identified and seized counterfeit confectionery products “Ferrero Rocher”, “Kinder Surprise” and “Mentos” with a total weight of 11 tons and worth 13 million rubles.

In 2019 almost managed to avoid congestion of cars on the Russian-Georgian border – in the past years during the holiday season at the border were observed kilometer queue, but the management of customs measures were taken that achieved a record throughput of indicators at the checkpoint Upper Lars. For comparison, the designed capacity is 200 cars, 170 trucks and 30 passenger, as well as 4,000 individuals per day. Today the real indicator of bandwidth checkpoint Upper Lars – about 1000 cars, 300-400 trucks, more than 30 passenger buses as well as about 10,000 individuals. For the convenience of crossing the border citizens, on the initiative of the customs service at the entrance to the checkpoint established infrastructure with sanitary conditions and medical care.

Summing up the meeting, Sergey Trotsko thanked law enforcement agencies for their cooperation and noted that these achievements are the result of active engagement and regular joint activities.

Diana Haewa
press Secretary of the North Ossetian customs