Submission of the passenger customs Declaration in electronic form

The North Ossetian customs reminds that individuals have the opportunity to provide the customs authority of the passenger customs Declaration (hereinafter – CCD) in electronic form.

Submission of PDD in electronic form has a number of advantages:

  • acceleration of process of filling of the PDD and its submission;
  • reduction of document flow;
  • reducing the time of customs clearance;
  • reducing the risk of making mistakes in the process of declaring of the goods by physical person through the use of prompts automatically appear when making the PDD;
  • the emergence of the possibility of early submission of the PDD;
  • the lack of subjective and corruption factors.

Any natural person or his representative may, in advance of the movement of goods across the customs border, submit PTD via the Internet on the web-portal of electronic submission of information (a Personal account of the participant of foreign trade activities).

It is necessary to use the information service “of the Passenger customs Declaration” providing for the submission of the PDD in electronic form with the use of the electronic signature (ES), and without it.

To complete the PCD in advance, which allows not to waste time filling in paper form the PDD directly on the border and it saves time at its intersection. This does not require appeal to the customs representative and the acquisition of specialized software.

The stages of submission of the PDD via Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities

The first stage involves the completion and preservation of electronic forms of PDD. The PDD is filled in Russian, English or official language of a state party to the EEU. After filling in the PDD needs to verify the completeness and correctness of filling of fields of the Declaration on the “Check” button. If the Check button is highlighted in red, in the PDD there are errors the format-logic control. The error must be resolved for the further successful operations.

The second stage is associated with the pre-departure information in the automated system of customs authorities. In the presence of EP should be sent PTD on the button “Sign and send”, in the absence of EP – “Send without signing”. Further, the address of the declarant – natural person will be sent a notice of assignment of the PDD’s preliminary numbers, which will indicate the unique identification number (UIN). Obtained the UIN must provide the authorized person of the customs authority.

The third stage is the presentation of the physical person obtained the UIN an official of the customs body at the same time providing the identity document of the natural person.

  Diana Haewa,
press Secretary of the North Ossetian customs