Smuggling with a view

Smuggling with a view

Officials of the Taganrog customs initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code in respect of the Russian citizen who tried to illegally import into the territory of the Russian Federation night optical sight for small arms.

Earlier, in January 2020, during carrying out customs control at the multilateral automobile checkpoint (MAPP) Matveev Kurgan one of the passengers of the trip bus in personal belongings customs officers found a metal object, structurally similar to a telescopic sight. The passenger, who was discovered to have this item, explained that he had bought the telescopic sight on the radio of the city of Donetsk, and tried to move it into the territory of the Russian Federation for personal use.

As a result of the verification activities, it was found that the discovered in the framework of the customs control object is a night sight and is designed for observation of battlefield and aiming when shooting from machine gun, grenade launcher and sniper rifle.

The suspect in violation of the law, the citizen proceeded in a zone of customs control “green channel”, thereby stating that he had no goods subject to Declaration. Before the customs examination of the citizen verbally explained that goods subject to Declaration had not.

The actions of the citizen of the Russian Federation discernible signs of a crime under part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code, namely illegal movement across the customs border of the EAEU other weapons. The investigation is being conducted.