Smolensk customs officers have revealed the understatement of the customs payments for the sum more than 1 million rubles

In the end, the firm will pay fees and a fine.

Smolensk customs opened the case on administrative offence (AP) under part 2 of article 16.2 of the administrative code of Russia upon the statement of false information about goods for customs Declaration.

The case was initiated in respect of one of the Moscow firms, which in the framework of the existing contract imported goods from Sweden.

The firm filed for the post of Smolensk customs (CED) the Declaration for a batch of 12 commodities, one of the positions turned out to be the exhaust casing for a gas turbine with a reported capacity of less than 50 MW. Based on the stated information about the classification code according to the unified FEACN of the cu, the rate of the import customs duty was 0%, VAT – 18%. This product was produced in accordance with the declared customs procedure.

Department of inspections after release of goods and activities of persons Smolensk customs in the customs control after release of goods was carried out a Desk audit, which found that the capacity of the gas turbine is greater than 50 MW, and, accordingly, spare parts for the equipment classified under a different code. The rate of VAT remains unchanged, and the rate of the import customs duty is 5%. In total, the sum subject to payment of customs duties were reduced by the firm amounting to more than 1.05 million rubles.

For false Declaration of goods in Smolensk customs in respect of the company initiated a case on administrative offense under part 2 of article 16.2 of the administrative code of Russia, – said acting Deputy head of customs Alexander Seals.

The sanction of this article shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens and legal entities in the amount from one-half to two times the amount of payable customs duties, taxes with confiscation of the goods which are the subjects of the administrative offence, or without that or confiscation of subjects of an administrative offence; on officials – from ten thousand to twenty thousand roubles.

Alexander Kotikov said that currently, the payments firm is paid in full and the penalty will be determined by the outcome of an administrative investigation.

Vladimir Safonov,

press Secretary of the Smolensk customs