Saint-Petersburg customs officers thanked for charity help

Saint-Petersburg customs officers thanked for charity help

St. Petersburg charitable public organization “Green world of childhood”, expressed his gratitude to the staff Pargolovskaya customs post of St. Petersburg customs for “compassion, understanding and providing financial support to purchase specialized treadmill disabled child Butorina Elijah.”

Six-year-old boy Ilya Butorin living in Saint Petersburg and suffers from cerebral palsy, received the gift of a specialized treadmill, purchased charity public organization “Green world of childhood” with funds raised by officials Pargolovskaya of the customs office in the framework of the provision of charity care.

Coming summer Ilya spend on social dacha in the village of Sun-2 where you can train to walk. The simulator will help him to work out and strengthen the skill of walking. In the fall the treadmill will move to the boy’s house in the city, and it will continue to do for at home.

As has told the chief of Department of inspection and crime prevention Saint-Petersburg customs Andrey Martynov, “the St.-Petersburg customs officers for many years provide material and other assistance to children with disabilities, collaborating with different charity organizations and hope that this gift will help the child in overcoming difficulties.”

  The press service of the St. Petersburg customs