Pulkovo customs: they work with people and for people

185 years ago, on 24 may 1835 in the Russian Empire, the government issued a decree regulating relations between employees and employers. This date hiring managers consider to be their professional holiday.

On how professional formed a team depends on its ability to achieve its goals. Just before the human-resources Department is responsible formation of highly qualified staff.

The division for public service and personnel of Pulkovo customs, traces its history back to 1974, i.e. since the founding of the customs. Faced with HR challenges remain unchanged since day one.

The priority directions of our work include the provision of customs personnel necessary to perform its duties, training and retraining of personnel, training of officers, psychological work, and much more – says the head of civil service and personnel, major of the customs service Olga Grishchenko. – Everyone who made the decision to find a service in customs authorities, starting with the Department of state service and personnel. It is worth noting that over the past few years the staff of the customs significantly younger. To help those who are faced with customs for the first time, we have mentoring. People with experience willing to pass on their knowledge to the young. And our Department is no exception. Chief state customs inspector Natalia Obraztsova at the Pulkovo customs for 16 years. Personnel work knows well. And if necessary – will share their knowledge with young colleagues. But with pleasure I note that the staff of our Department for several years remains stable and unchanged. Duties Olga Oreshkina, whose experience in the customs bodies of 17 years, including work with students and training of personnel. For a favorable moral climate at the customs office responsible psychologist Elena Shatrova, which came to the customs authorities 23 years ago. Elena is an excellent specialist and a wonderful person who is always warm and attentive to my colleagues. The Deputy chief of Department of Zoya Novikova is responsible for the preparation and conduct of tender procedures, the chief state customs inspector Ekaterina Ignatieva – for the preparation of documents for granting pensions to officers and calculations of years of service, senior customs inspector Liana Chadaev for maintenance of personnel files and assignment of class ranks, the main state customs inspector Aliya Saprykina – the youngest employee of the team responsible for organizational work in the customs.

In our Department there are two young mothers Victoria Kalinichenko Anastasia Kovalevskaya. Now they are in holiday on care of children, but we are constantly in touch and, of course, await their return to service. All officials of the Department are professionals in their field.

Oversees all personnel management Deputy chief of customs the Colonel of customs service Yevgeny Komarov. Eugene Vitalievna has a lot of experience. Her experience with the customs authorities for 22 years.

The great merit of the whole staff is that last year Pulkovo customs took II place in the nomination “the Best border customs” among the customs authorities of the FCS of Russia.

I really want to thank my colleagues for their professionalism, hard work, work in conditions of tension and multitasking, – says Olga. – I hope that the personnel Department of Pulkovo customs, will long bear his service in the same composition.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs